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Free Delivery Over £50 - Store is now ready for orders!
Free Delivery Over £50 - Store is now ready for orders!

For any issues with orders or refunds placed before 24 June 2024, please click on this banner.

Save on the heating bills with the worlds cosiest hooded blanket

Unwind in Comfort this Winter

Buy Hoodie Blankets with Snuggy Buy Hoodie Blankets with Snuggy

A Snuggy for all the family

Shop all hooded blankets

The Snuggy Pod

Sleep better with The Snuggy Pod. Our bed tents are great for sensory needs and come in 4 luxury colours.

Shop Bed Tents

Kids Snuggy

The softest wearable snuggle blanket for children aged 4-12

Kids Hooded Blankets

Baby & Toddler

Keep your little ones safe and snug with our baby blanket hoodie range.

Baby & Toddler Blankets

Adult Snuggy

Snuggle up with our super-soft Sherpa Fleece, Oversized Hooded Blankets.

Adult Hooded Blankets


Because who doesn't want their dog to have a matching Teddy Fleece Snuggy, right?

Dog Snuggys


Explore Snuggy accessories, designed to add extra comfort, style, and convenience to your cozy Snuggy experience.

Cosy Accessories

Step in from the cold and transport to a cosier place with Snuggy

It’s raining, your feet are wet, and you can’t feel your fingers. But raise that chin, weary traveller. For now, you step in from the cold into your toasty living room. The smell of a nearly-ready pizza fills your nostrils, and you hear the titles of Antiques Roadshow. You fling off all your clothes (maybe leave your pants on), high five your mirror, and cocoon yourself in a deliciously cosy Snuggy hoodie blanket or your Snuggy bed tent. Next thing you know, the dawn chorus is gently rousing you from your slumber. And you realise it’s the weekend. Big stretch. Oooooh yes. That’s cosy.

Kind to your skin, kind to your planet

Snuggy is the kindest company around. Not only are our products gentle on your skin, but they're also gentle on the earth. We are committed to using sustainable practices, from the way we source our materials to the way we package our products. So when you choose Snuggy, you can be sure you're kind to your skin AND kind to the planet. Snuggy: it's not just good for you, it's good for the earth.

100% Cruelty Free

Machine Washable

Super Soft Fabrics

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