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10 Of The Best Wearable Blankets With Sleeves - Snuggy

10 Of The Best Wearable Blankets With Sleeves

Wearable blankets have seen a surge in popularity in recent years. This is partly due to casual dress becoming the norm, thanks to the rise of loungewear as outerwear.

We also have an increased understanding of the importance of relaxation and self-care, leading to more people spending time at home and wanting to dress comfortably. With these shifting values, cosy and versatile clothing that can be worn both at home and outside has taken over.

Wearable blankets with sleeves offer the perfect combination of utility and comfort, finding the middle ground between a hoodie and a blanket. The arm openings make completing tasks like washing up, driving or working on the computer easy. The hood, loose-fitting body and soft fabric make the wearer feel like they’re wrapped up in bed.

We’ve put together a list of wearable blankets for every person and occasion. Here are the 10 best wearable blankets with sleeves.

  1. Snowflake hooded blanket for kids

    snowflake hooded blanket

    If you’re looking for a Christmas gift idea, look no further than this snowflake-patterned Snuggy for kids. The festive blanket comes with a hood and arm openings, ready for nights spent at home watching Christmas films.

    Imagine your child opening and putting on their new wearable blanket on Christmas morning – they’ll fall in love with its soft fleece interior and ice-blue snowflake design.

    Buy for £34.99
  2. Strawberry mini fleece hooded blanket

    Strawberry Snuggy Mini

    The strawberry mini hooded blanket is one of our favourites. The wearable blanket fits ages 0-4 years old and has a strawberry pattern on a pale pink background.

    Your little one will have never looked cuter in the summery design. And they’ll have never felt cosier than they do when snuggled up against the luxury sherpa fleece lining.

    The stretchy cuffs make rolling up the sleeves easy, so you can create the perfect arm length and won’t have to replace the Snuggy every few months as your baby or toddler grows.

    Buy for £23.99
  3. Grey adult hooded blanket

    Grey adult hooded blanket

    Sit back and relax after a long day at work or looking after kids with this adult-sized wearable hooded blanket. It comes in a classic grey colour with a flannel fleece exterior and sherpa fleece interior, for extra cosiness.

    If grey isn’t your style, then take a look at our range of available colours, including blue, pink and red. All of our Snuggy wearable blankets for adults have wide sleeves for free movement and a large pocket for carrying around your essentials (and by essentials, we mean snacks).

    Buy for £69.99
  4. Cat kids hooded blanket

    Cat kids hooded blanket

    We believe that wearable blankets are for everyone, so we make our designs unisex wherever possible. This cat hooded blanket for kids is a great example, making it the perfect gift for both boys and girls.

    Animal-loving children will go wild for this wearable blanket with sleeves, but it’s not just children who’ll enjoy it. Check out our wearable cat blanket for adults if you know a crazy cat lady (or man).

    Buy for £34.99
  5. Pink mini fleece hooded blanket

    Pink mini fleece hooded blanket

    Wearable blankets don’t come much cuter than this pink mini fleece hoodie blanket. Available in sizes 0-1 and 1-4, your little one will look as if butter wouldn’t melt in this adorable getup.

    They’ll love the soft, fluffy material – and you won’t be able to stop hugging them in it!

    Buy for £23.99
  6. Kebab adult hooded blanket

    Kebab adult hooded blanket

    Wearable blankets might be ideal for relaxing in, but they can also bring about a laugh or two. Take this kebab adult hooded blanket, for example, which would make a great novelty present for your kebab-loving friend.

    Or, if you know a friend or family member in university, they’ll be grateful for a fun, cosy hooded blanket to wear on hangover days.

    Buy for £69.99
  7. Bear Kids fleece hooded blanket

    Bear kids fleece hooded blanket

    Another great option for kids is the Snuggy bear kids fleece hooded blanket. The endearing friendly bear pattern is reminiscent of some of our favourite children’s TV characters, providing a familiar visual so that your little one feels comfortable.

    Buy for £23.99
  8. Red wine adult hooded blanket

    Red wine adult hooded blanket

    Dare to be bold in this wine pattern hooded blanket for adults. It’s something a bit different, making a change from the block colour wearable blankets with sleeves that you see most often.

    Add a bit of character to your hen party or girls’ night in by getting matching Snuggys for all your female friends. If you’re more interested in the wine than the bottle, how about this red wine-coloured Snuggy instead?

    Buy for £69.99
  9. Sky blue kids hooded blanket

    Sky blue kids hooded blanket

    We adore this sky-blue hooded blanket for kids, which makes a great addition to any child’s bedroom. The vibrant colour suits both boys and girls and will brighten up the day of whoever puts it on. Just beware – they might never take it off!

    As with all of our wearable blankets with sleeves, this Snuggy is cruelty-free, and has a huge front pocket and an oversized hood to keep the wear cosy and warm.

    Buy for £34.99
  10. Navy dog wearable blanket

    Navy dog wearable blanket

    We couldn’t not talk about the best wearable blanket of all – our wearable blanket for dogs. Yes, your dog deserves a Snuggy just as much as you do.

    Give your four-legged friend some comfort in return for all the comfort they provide you. You can even match your outfit to your pet with our adult navy hooded blanket!

    Buy for £24.99

Keep warm this winter with a Snuggy

As fun and cosy as wearable blankets might be, their practical uses shouldn’t be overlooked. They help to trap heat produced by the human body, forming a cocoon of warmth around the wearer.

As we grapple with soaring energy costs, wearable hooded blankets can help to keep costs down without sacrificing warmth during the winter months.

If you haven’t found a Snuggy that tickles your fancy in the above list, take a look at our full range of wearable blankets with sleeves. All of our hooded blankets are available in multiple colours and sizes, so you’ll be able to find the Snuggy that’s just right for you or your loved one.

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