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13 Cosy Christmas Gift Ideas For 2023 - Snuggy

13 Cosy Christmas Gift Ideas For 2023

Leaves are falling, the nights are getting colder, and staying in to wrap up in a duvet watching TV suddenly seems like a very appealing prospect. Yes, Christmas is well and truly on its way.

It might be ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ but the holiday isn’t without its stress – namely present buying for your seemingly never-ending list of friends and family. Whether you’re searching for a gift for your homebody friend, sleepy teenager, or youngest child who just wants what all their friends are getting, our range of presents are perfect for cosy nights in.

Take a look through our 13 Christmas gift ideas to find cosy presents for everyone, at every budget.

Ultimate Snuggy Bundle Christmas Gift
    1. Ultimate Snuggy bundle

      If you want to go all out Christmassy, our Snuggy hooded blanket in red is a fitting way to get your giftee in the holiday mood. Lined with the softest white fleece, they might get mistaken for Santa Clause – but that’s what makes this the perfect alternative to the classic Christmas pyjama tradition.

      The Ultimate Snuggy Bundle includes one Snuggy, a pair of fluffy socks, and a matching fluffy hot water bottle. Can it get much cosier than that?

Snuggy Unicorn Hooded Blanket Christmas Gift
    1. Unicorn hoodie blanket

      The popularity of unicorns among little girls shows about as much sign of slowing down as the popularity of mince pies in December. Make your daughter or niece’s day with a unicorn Snuggy –this multi-coloured hooded blanket will go down treat with her and all her friends.

Animal Kids Toy Blanket Christmas Gift
    1. Animal toy blanket

      If you’re looking for the cutest Christmas gift of all, our animal toy blankets will end your search. Starting as a toy puppy, pig or elephant, these sweet toys then unfold into an adorable baby blanket.

      Your little one will never look more angelic, thanks to both the blanket’s appearance and the effect that its super-soft fleece has on your baby’s willingness to sleep!

Snuggy Lite Christmas Gift
    1. Snuggy Lite

      The Snuggy Lite is our thinner hooded blanket, made with a single layer of Teddy fleece. Suitable for festivals, camping, and staycations, it’ll get the present opener dreaming of summer nights with friends.

      Available in different designs, from green checkered to leopard print, these Snuggys look cool enough that the wearer might be tempted to run their errands in one. Ok, so that might not be a great idea, but they’ll end up living in it every second they’re at home.

Weighted Blanket Christmas Gift
    1. Weighted blanket

      Weighted blankets have so many benefits that you’ll struggle to resist buying one for yourself. Known to soothe stress, improve sleep quality, and help with a whole range of neurological difficulties, they’re the ultimate comfort tool.

      If you know someone who’s struggling to find a moment’s relief, give them the gift of relaxation this Christmas with a cooling weighted blanket.

    2. Fairy lights

      You can’t go wrong with fairy lights, especially when buying for a female friend or teenage girl. We’ve Christmassified ours with a snowflake shape, making them the ideal festive addition to any room.

      If you’d rather give a Christmas gift that can be appreciated all year round, these luxury fairy lights also come in a unique star or classic sphere shape. The 10-meter cable ends with a USB plug, so they can be taken from continent to continent – which is why these would make a thoughtful gift for frequent travellers.

Blackout Bed Tent Christmas Gift
    1. Snuggy Bed Tents

      At the higher end of the budget is our Snuggy Blackout pod, but we promise it’s worth it. The Snuggy Pod is a zip-up bed tent canopy that takes the old-school DIY duvet tent to the next level. Every child needs a hideaway, and this canopy will give yours the privacy to let their imagination run free, whether alone or hosting a sleepover with friends.

      The Snuggy Pod can be added to existing single, double, or king-size beds, and is available in blackout material. Now we come to think of it – a private, comfy space where no light can get through? We’re adding the Snuggy Pod to our Christmas list.

Dog Snuggy Christmas Gift
    1. Wearable dog blanket

      Yes, it’s a hooded blanket. Yes, it’s for dogs. Need we say more?

Multi-Buy Christmas Gift Bundle
    1. Mix & match family Snuggies

      Matching Xmas pjs are so last year – in 2022, it’s all about the mix & match Snuggies.

      With four hooded blankets in every set, there’s a Snuggy for everyone in the family – a godsend when you don’t know what to get your sister, her husband, or their kids. Just choose from our range of colours and the job’s done. Now you get to sit back and relax.

Bedtime Christmas Bundle
    1. Bedtime bundle

      For the friend who’s always tired, a few days off at Christmas just ain’t gonna cut it. Between all the excitement, parties, and late-night wrapping sprints, there’s very little time for catching up on sleep. So, get them a present that shows them you know exactly what they need once January rolls around.

      Our bedtime bundle includes a divine-smelling sleep spray, plus a Mulberry silk pillowcase, eye mask, and hair scrunchie. From its hypo-allergenic properties to its anti-aging benefits to its ability to regulate body temperature, silk is the ultimate aid for a luxurious night’s sleep.

Snuggy Joggers Christmas Gift
    1. Snuggy joggers

      Imagine cosy jogging bottoms. Imagine the fluffiest Snuggy blanket. Combine the two – now you have our unisex Snuggy fleece joggers.

      For a present that wraps its wearer in comfort head to toe, gift the joggers alongside the matching hoodie. Choose from pink, grey, or navy – or why not mix and match?

Christmas Slippers Gift
    1. Fluffy slippers

      You can’t go wrong with an old faithful like a pair of comfy slippers. Your mum won’t even need to put her feet up after spending a day in these cloud-like wonders.

      Wrapped in tissue paper and arriving in a proper shoebox, these faux fur slippers are some of the most sophisticated you’ll find.

Christmas Gift Card
  1. Snuggy gift card

    Feeling overwhelmed by choice? Can’t figure out whether your nephew would rather have a hooded blanket or a set of Harry Potter pyjamas? A Snuggy gift card takes away the stress of getting the right item or colour, letting the giftee choose for themselves.

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