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A Snuggy For Every Personality - Snuggy

A Snuggy For Every Personality

A decade ago, you probably hadn’t heard of a Snuggy. And yet now, they’re everywhere! Hooded blankets have truly taken over loungewear, offering a convenient alternative to traditional trackie bottoms or PJs for when you’re chilling at home.

Somewhere between a blanket and a hoodie, a Snuggy pulls together the best parts of each. Just like a blanket, you can wrap yourself up all warm and cosy inside one. And just like with a hoodie, you can easily use your hands or go for a walk without worrying about it slipping off!

Best of all, no one in the family has to feel left out – almost all of our adult Snuggy designs are available in child and baby sizes too. We might be biased, but there’s nothing more adorable than seeing your little one as snug as a bug in their hooded blanket.

Whether you’re buying for yourself, a child or a friend, you’ll find the perfect hooded blanket within the Snuggy collection. There’s a diverse range of patterns and colours to suit every personality – so, let’s get started.

1. The Christmas obsessive

Snowflake print hooded blanket

It’s that time of year again! Yes, Christmas is here and ‘tis the season to snuggle up in a hooded blanket while watching festive TV. Fortunately, we have the perfect hooded blanket for the occasion. Our snowflake pattern Snuggy has the vibe of a magical snowy day – but with a lot more warmth!

And if the icy blue colour isn’t your best, why not check out our red hooded blanket? The white fleecy lining might mean people mistake you for Father Christmas – but they certainly won’t doubt your festive spirit!

2. The bookworm (or film buff)

Navy Snuggy bundle

If your idea of a perfect evening involves curling up with a good book or getting lost in the fictional world of a movie, the Snuggy bundle is your new best friend. In every bundle is a premium-quality sherpa fleece hooded blanket, one pair of incredibly fluffy slipper socks and a cosy hot water bottle. Nights in don’t get much better than this.

3. The artist

Multi-coloured unicorn hooded blanket

Artistic personalities will be delighted with our dreamy multi-coloured Snuggy. Coming in both standard and lightweight versions, this fluffy hooded blanket will keep you warm all year round. The pattern looks as though it has been dabbed on by an artist’s paintbrush, providing endless inspiration with its swirling colours and patterns.

4. The fitness fanatic

Green checked Snuggy Lite

Always on the move? Love to work up a sweat? If the words ‘fitness fanatic’ resonate deeply, the Snuggy Lite is your go-to choice of hooded blanket. Providing the perfect balance of comfort and flexibility, it’s the ideal companion for post-workout stretching and relaxation. The single layer of teddy fleece provides warmth but keeps you from getting too hot – so you can also wear it to exercise on a chilly day!

5. The friend of animals

Cat pattern hooded blanket

For those who prefer the company of animals, this cute Snuggy with a cat design is a must-have. It’s super-sized and super comfy, and even has room for your four-legged to snuggle up with you. If you’re more of a dog person than a cat one, you can instead opt for one of our adorable hooded blankets for dogs!

6. The zen master

Sky-blue hooded blanket

Is there anything more zen than a clear blue sky? Just picture lying on your back outside, gazing up at the boundless sky on a clear day, meditating on the secrets of the universe. It’s enough to send anyone into a tranquil state of inner peace. But meditation is made a lot easier when you’re relaxed and comfortable – which is what this sky blue hooded blanket is a master at achieving.

7. The fashionista

Leopard print hooded blanket

Ok, so hooded blankets might not be the trendiest item around, but any fashionista knows that it’s all about the styling anyway. This leopard print Snuggy provides the perfect stylish base for you to make the look your own – and trust us, once you’ve worn a Snuggy out once, you’ll find there’s no going back!

Prefer the minimalist look? In that case, check out our simple but sophisticated grey hooded blanket.

8. The party animal

Kebab print hooded blanket

The two best things about coming home from the club have got to be the kebab you pick up on the way and the comfy PJs you put on as soon as you step through the door. So, we decided to bring the two together and create our kebab hooded blanket!

Wear it around your friends to have them howling with laughter at your ideal post-night-out attire… But if you’re looking for a hooded blanket for your party animal pal and you want something a little more – ahem – sophisticated, a wine bottle pattern Snuggy is sure to do the trick.

9. The nature lover

Strawberry print hooded blanket

Showcase your love of all things that come from the earth with a strawberry pattern Snuggy. It’s perfect for nature enthusiasts or countryside dwellers who spend their free time in the greenhouse, marvelling at the natural world. If that sounds like you, imagine yourself surrounded by the great outdoors while wrapped up warm in your strawberry Snuggy!

10. The girly girl

Pink hooded blanket

Pink and purple have long been the domain of girly girls (not that that should stop anyone else from wearing the colours!). If you are indeed a girly girl or want to treat a feminine friend to a new Snuggy, you won’t go wrong with a pink or purple hooded blanket.

You can shop the whole Snuggy range of hooded blankets now. Don’t forget that if you’re buying for more than one person, you can save money with a family pack. You get two adult-sized hooded blankets along with two that are the perfect fit for kids, and you can mix and match different colours if you don’t want a matching set!

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