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12 Cosy Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day - Snuggy

12 Cosy Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about what gift to buy your loved one (or future loved one… we’re rooting for you!). Chocolate and flowers get the job done, but don’t show much personality.

If you want to step away from traditional gifts and know that your valentine prefers nights in to nights out, buying them a cosy-inspired gift will speak volumes about your thoughtfulness.

So, whether you’re celebrating with a significant other, expressing your appreciation for friends or treating yourself to a little self-love, these 12 cosy gift ideas will bring some warmth to the day of love.

  1. Snuggy bedtime bundle

The Snuggy bedtime bundle makes the perfect Valentine’s gift for anyone who loves to get their beauty sleep. The bundle includes a 100% mulberry silk pillowcase and matching scrunchie, which help to keep bedhead at bay and protect from dust allergies.

Mulberry silk is also incredibly soft on the skin and can help prevent ageing, so we’ve thrown a silk eye mask in there too! To round the bundle off is a lavender sleep spray that smells divine and will send your valentine into a restful slumber, hopefully filled with sweet dreams of you.

  1. Pink hooded blanket

No cosy Valentine’s Day would be complete without a hooded blanket and, as love is in the air, it’s got to be a pink one. Crafted from super-soft material and with a luxurious sherpa fleece lining, there’s no better way to shroud your Valentine in comfort and signal your affection.

Whether they enjoy binge-watching romcoms or reading a romance novel, this pink hooded blanket is the ideal companion.

  1. Fairy lights

Ambient lighting really helps set the scene for a romantic evening, and is easily achieved with some fairy lights. Our luxury fairy lights create a soft, warm glow and come with a 10-metre cable that’s long enough to transform any space into a romantic haven.

  1. Red wine bottle hooded blanket

A bottle of red wine is a failsafe gift for any occasion, and Valentine’s Day is certainly no different. But if you’re worried about appearing basic by giving such a simple gift, why not switch things up a little?

Yes, we’re talking about our red wine bottle hooded blanket. Give it on its own or pair it with a real bottle of red for a thoughtful present that will keep you chatting all evening long!

  1. Fleece blanket

If you want to give someone the hint that you’re keen to snuggle up under the covers with them, one of our fleece blankets could help you make your point. Big enough to comfortably cover two people, you also get to choose from pretty pink, modern grey or traditional navy.

With their warm and soft fleecy fabric, these blankets invite you in and are completely irresistible. They make a great wingman or woman for a romantic night in!

  1. Lounge set

The days of wining and dining your love interest on big date nights out are over. Instead, these days it’s all about staying in and getting to know each other in a more intimate setting.

If you want to get your valentine a special present that shows just how much you’ve been enjoying your cosy nights in together, a lounge set is a great option.

  1. Slippers

If your girlfriend is a homebody who gets excited at the mere mention of cancelling plans, then prove how well you know her with a pair of cosy slippers that are just perfect for lounging around the house.

With a cushioned base and luxury faux-fur lining, wearing our slippers is genuinely like walking on a cloud. If there’s one thing this present will tell your loved one, it’s that you think they deserve to put their feet up more often!

  1. Hooded blanket bundle in rose red

There are few things more cosy than a hooded blanket, but a hot water bottle and fluffy socks definitely provide some competition. Fortunately, you don’t have to pick which one your valentine would like most – you can now buy all three as part of the Snuggy bundle.

Coming in a rose red colour that couldn’t be more appropriate for Valentine’s Day, the only danger is that you might be tempted to keep it for yourself!

  1. Super fluffy socks

Ok, so socks aren’t the most original gift idea but there’s a reason we keep on giving them! This 7-pack of super fluffy socks isn’t just practical, it’s also the ultimate cosy accessory for your valentine’s feet. The set of 7 includes multiple different colours, and will ensure that the wearer thinks of you every day of the week.

  1. 'Love' lamp

For a present that’s truly fit for the occasion, go for this ‘Love’ word lamp that will send your chosen valentine a not-so-subtle message about your feelings for them.

With a luxury white marble base and wired letters spelling out ‘love’, it’s cute and classy – maybe just like your valentine!

  1. Hooded blanket twin pack

Double the warmth and double the love – this hooded blanket twin pack is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for snuggly moments together. Technically, you’ll be treating yourself as well as your loved… but what’s wrong with that?!

Go for a matching set for the ultimate in couple goals, or show that your individuality makes you stronger together by choosing different ones from our range of designs.

  1. Kebab printed hooded blanket

Last on our list is a special gift idea for those who are boycotting Valentine’s Day in favour of Galentine’s Day. Make your girl friends laugh with this kebab hooded blanket, and remind them of all your messy nights out together!

Alternatively, our eternally popular unicorn hooded blanket is sure to go down a treat with any friends who aren’t fans of novelty gifts.

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