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15 Cosy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas - Snuggy

15 Cosy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

As Mother’s Day approaches, celebrate the special woman in your life with a present that symbolises relaxation and comfort. Mums fill our lives with love and warmth, and it’s about time they receive the same back!

We’ve handpicked 15 cosy gift ideas for Mother’s Day, each one designed to make her feel seen and appreciated. Gift the remarkable mum (or mums!) in your life a thoughtful, cosy gift that will truly make her day.

Hooded blankets

It wouldn’t be a Snuggy gift guide without our iconic hooded blankets thrown in! Combining comfort and fun, they elevate any moment.

1. Snuggy Lite

The Snuggy Lite is a lightweight hooded blanket that’s just perfect for the warmer months as we head into spring. Imagine your mum unwinding in front of the firepit or watching her favourite TV show while wearing this gorgeous green checkered design.

2. Cat design

If your mum would hold her hand up and admit she’s a cat lady, then our cat design hooded blanket would make the ideal quirky Mother’s Day gift. She can envelope herself in comfort and be reminded of her favourite animal – just perfect for catnaps and lazy Sunday afternoons.

3. Leopard print

This leopard print hooded blanket strikes the perfect balance between comfort and style for any glamorous mums out there. She can unwind in the fashionable but cosy garment, and maintain her air of sophistication, even when she’s just pottering about at home. And don’t forget that the leopard print design is also available as a Snuggy Lite!

4. Red wine bottle pattern

Show your mum how well you know her with this red wine bottle printed hooded blanket! It’s definitely a tongue-in-cheek present, so not for everyone – but no one knows whether your mum’s sense of humour can handle it better than you do. A real bottle on the side will no doubt go down a treat too!

Bedtime accessories

Let’s face it, all mums need a little more sleep. Encourage her to lean into rest and rejuvenation with a gift from our varied range of bedtime accessories.

5. Hot water bottle

Encourage her to take more moments of relaxation by gifting her a hot water bottle with a luxurious faux fur cover. It makes a great addition to any chilly night, and is just as soft as it is warm. Available in a range of colours to suit any taste, she can unwind in luxurious comfort.

6. Silk pillowcase

Elevate her beauty sleep with a 100% mulberry silk pillowcase. Mulberry silk is known for its antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, which makes it a great option for mums who have allergies. The silky-smooth material also prevents friction, which means less bedhead and fewer morning wrinkles!

7. Silk scrunchie

Nothing goes better with a silk pillowcase than a silk scrunchie. Your mum will love that it keeps her hair in check overnight, so she’s fresh as a daisy and ready to go in the morning. It also prevents damage and split ends, improving hair health over time.

8. Sleep mask

Complete her bedtime ensemble with a 100% mulberry silk eye mask. Our sleep masks are handmade and designed to be gentle on skin and hair, making them a must-have bedtime accessory. With amino acids built in and moisture preservation technology, her skin will be thanking you even if she forgets to!

9. Sleep spray

Introduce her to a world of night-time aromatherapy with our deep sleep spray. The gorgeous scent is comprised of lavender, rosemary, lemon peel and cloves, which combine to create a soothing and serene atmosphere that’ll send her off to sleep in no time. And the natural plant ingredients are just as good for the planet as they are for her pillow.

Home comforts

From faux fur-lined slippers to ambient lamps, we’ve chosen these items because of the oasis of comfort that they help to build within the home.

10. Slippers

Treat her feet and show her you appreciate all of the running around that she does by getting her a pair of luxurious slippers. The thick suede material and cruelty-free faux fur interior lining feel just like walking on a cloud, and the non-slip rubber soles ensure that they’re durable and long-lasting. The slippers also come in a sturdy branded box to make gift wrapping easy.

11. Lamp

Illuminate her home and her heart with a cute and stylish lamp. The wiring inside the bulb spells out different words, so you get to choose whether ‘love’, ‘home’, ‘relax’ or ‘dream’ suits her personality best. The lamp will add a touch of warmth and ambience to any room – just like she does.

12. Fleece blanket

Our high-quality fleece blanket is the ultimate cosy accessory. She can drape it around herself, use it as a throw for her bed, or lay it over her lap for a bit of extra warmth when sitting outside with a glass of wine. Just imagine your lovely mum as snug as a bug with this blanket wrapped tight around her.

13. Weighted blanket

If your mum struggles to sleep, tends to get a bit anxious or just simply likes to have a load of heavy duvets over her at night, she’ll love this therapeutic weighted blanket. It can reduce muscle tension, help her get a deeper sleep and provide relief from all sorts of pain and stress. It’s also manufactured to maintain optimal airflow, ensuring it doesn’t get too hot.

14. Lounge set

Our lounge sets are made from the same incredibly soft fabric that our hooded blankets are made from. They’re perfect for working out, wearing to bed or doing chores around the house. They make a versatile addition to any collection of comfort wear, and come in a range of colours including pink, grey, nude and black.

15. Gift card

Can’t decide? Why not give her a Snuggy gift card and let her choose for herself? It’s the easiest way to surprise her while making sure she gets exactly what she wants from the Snuggy range of cosy clothing and accessories.

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