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6 Cosy Accessories For Your Kids - Snuggy

6 Cosy Accessories For Your Kids

We all know how much kids love to run around wreaking havoc and expending all their energy. But once they’ve tired themselves out, settling down with a cosy blanket can smooth the transition into bedtime and avoid any unpleasant crashes.

Or maybe your child is a bookworm who loves nothing more than to curl up in their pyjamas and dive into a story. Whatever their personality type, all children need to be comforted. Cosy accessories create a relaxing environment which helps to do just that.

Whether you’re aiming to soothe your child or just fulfil their desire for a super fluffy blanket, these six cosy accessories will give you all of the inspiration you need.

Bed Tent

  1. Bed tent

    A bed tent is a canopy-like structure that sits on top of your kid’s bed. It creates a cosy hideaway from the world, sheltering them from noise, light and other interruptions. When inside their bed tent, kids can get lost in the make-believe lands of their imagination or favourite books.

    They’re also a great addition to the bedroom of any child who struggles with sensory issues or anxiety. Bed tents provide a feeling of being cocooned and protected, so children with autism and ADHD can relax and process the day’s events.

    Read our blog post on the topic to find out more about how a bed tent can improve your child’s sleep.

  2. Hooded Blanket for kids

    Hooded blanket for kids

    People of all ages are fans of hooded blankets. But some of our happiest customers are children, who love to not have their movement restricted and can’t get enough of the sherpa fleece lining.

    Kids hooded blankets are designed to envelop the child in a warm and soft fabric, while leaving them free to move about. They can snuggle up in front of the TV or a film, then run to the kitchen for snacks without having to shed their fluffy second skin.

    We know that kids can have some unusual likes and dislikes, which is why our range includes everything from classic block colours like this child’s navy hooded blanket, to a cute cat-patterned hooded blanket and our super-popular unicorn hooded blanket.

    Accessories don’t come much cosier than this – get one for your child and see how they refuse to take it off!

    Fluffy Socks for kids
  3. Fluffy socks

    There’s nothing better than a pair of fluffy socks to keep tiny tootsies warm and cosy during the depths of winter. They can be worn during the day as well as the night because, whatever your age, climbing into bed just isn’t the same without a pair of thermal bed socks.

    Snuggy’s fluffy slipper socks are suitable for indoor and outdoor wear. They’re made with microfibre, which makes them extra soft for an almost velvety touch. Microfibre fabric is also highly durable, lasting hundreds of wears and washes.

    They come in a 7-pack for every day of the week, so your child’s feet can stay cosy 24/7. Just one word of warning – these socks are perfect for sliding across wooden floors, which will thrill your child even if you’re not best pleased!

    Pink Fleece Banket
  4. Fleece blanket

    If you want to bring a touch of cosiness to your child’s bedroom, look no further than this incredible sherpa fleece blanket. Whether they’re snuggled up reading a book or watching a film, a fleece blanket will keep them warm and snug.

    This versatile accessory is a must-have for any child’s bedroom and when combined with a hooded blanket, there’s nothing more comforting. Much like a bed tent, your child can use it to build a blanket fort and create a cosy hideaway from the rest of the world.

    At sleepovers, fleece blankets come in handy when there aren’t enough duvets and mattresses to go around. Your child or their friends can curl up either on or under a fluffy blanket for a wonderful night’s sleep. Their soft and snuggly texture will send even the most manic of children into a restful slumber.

  5. Animal toy blanket

    Children who love animals also tend to love any accessory with animals on. Now, they can snuggle up with a soft and cuddly companion in the form of this animal toy blanket. The comforting blanket gives you the best of both worlds as it doubles up as an adorable toy animal.

    Choose from a cute baby pink pig, a white and grey puppy or a loveable baby blue elephant. Both children and babies can enjoy the toy as it unfolds to become a super soft blanket. It’s not just cosy and warm – it’s also a fun and interactive way of getting them to use their imagination.

    Compact and easy to pack away, the toy blanket is ideal for when travelling. Pack it up and take it with you in your car or on a plane to make sure your little one has a token of familiarity with them wherever they are.

  6. Pyjamas

    The original cosy accessory has got to be pyjamas. What would we do without them?! If you’re looking for the perfect way to keep your child cosy at bedtime, a pair of children’s pyjamas with their favourite TV show or football club emblazoned on the front will go down a treat.

    Whether your child’s a fan of Harry Potter, Hey Duggee, Paw Patrol or Pokémon, there’s a pyjama set out there that could be made for them. Make their birthday or Christmas extra special by buying them a pyjama set featuring their favourite character or team.

    They’ll inject a bit of fun and personality into bedtime, making it less of a chore. Combine with other cosy accessories like a blanket, slippers or bathrobe for the ultimate cosy night in.

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