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What is a Hooded Blanket & Why Get One? - Snuggy

What is a Hooded Blanket & Why Get One?

Everyday clothing has become less and less casual over the decades and with the recent rise of leisurewear, it’s clear that comfort is king. Whether we’re chilling at home or out with our friends, we like to be warm and cosy.

That could explain why Snuggys are all the rage at the moment. Cold nights make us want to hunker down under something soft and snug, and hooded blankets fit the bill perfectly. You might laugh the first time you try one on, but you’ll soon realise there’s no going back!

If you’re not sure exactly what a hooded blanket is though, then you’re certainly not alone. Let us explain and, if you’re still not convinced, we’ll lay out some reasons why you should consider getting one. It’s not all about slobbing out in front of the TV – there are some surprising other uses which we’ll get to in a minute.

Celebs wearing hooded blankets

What is a hooded blanket?

When you hear the phrase ‘hooded blanket’ a picture undoubtedly springs to mind – and it’s unlikely to be far off the reality. A hooded blanket is, quite simply, a blanket with a hood.

Most hooded blankets are made of fleece, which feels just like wrapping yourself in a ball of ultra-soft cotton wool. They’re designed to cover your entire body, with sleeves and a hood keeping the material in place so your hands are free.

You’ll often find hooded blankets with a big pocket on the front. These are ideal for carrying around snacks, your phone or a book.

Why do people wear hooded blankets?

Loads of people wear hooded blankets quite simply because they’re comfortable. But they’re also way more versatile than you might think.

Let’s take a look at some of the different reasons to get a hooded blanket.

  1. They’re cosy

    We know we’ve said this a few times already but it doesn’t hurt to drill it in: hooded blankets can’t be beaten in cosiness. They’re comfy, super soft, warm, fluffy, loose-fitting and lined with an incredible sherpa fleece fabric that makes them perfect for duvet days. It almost hurts to take one off!

  2. To save on heating costs

    With the cost-of-living crisis, many people are turning to alternative solutions to stay warm this winter. Hooded blankets for adults are a surprising but effective route to reducing your heating bills. The materials used are great at storing heat, while the hood has the added benefit of trapping warmth around your neck and head.

  3. They make inventive costumes

    Children’s hooded blankets make a useful addition to any dressing-up box. Kids love messing around with different costumes and while a DIY ghost might not win any awards, they’ll still have a lot of fun. Small tip from us: hooded blankets hang from the shoulders, much like a cape, for any Marvel lovers out there!

  4. For sleepovers

    Spending the night at a mate’s house can mean parting with your usual creature comforts, but a hooded blanket puts a stop to this. Whether you’re heading round to your friend’s for a pamper night or hosting a kids’ sleepover, everyone will feel right at home when wearing their hooded blanket.

  5. To upgrade your family movie night

    No movie night is complete without a duvet or, even better, a Snuggy! Our range of hooded blankets come in sizes and patterns to suit all the family. Or get a hooded blanket family pack in matching colours for the ultimate Insta-worthy family pic.

  6. To start a Christmas tradition

    Matching PJs have been around for years but hooded blankets are the Christmas tradition of the future. Kids find them fascinating while adults love how relaxing they are – just what both parties are looking for at Christmastime. Gift your friends, gift your family, gift yourself!

  7. To replace your old dressing gown

    Dressing gown looking a bit ratty? Don’t worry – we’re guilty of neglecting ours too. If it’s time to invest in a new one, then why not consider getting a hooded blanket instead? They’re even comfier, come with much bigger pockets and there’s no loose cord to go missing in the wash.

  8. For running errands

    Although it might be tempting, popping into Tesco with a blanket tied around you might garner some funny looks. But before you begrudgingly reach for your jeans and coat, remember that hooded blankets are part hoodie as well as part blanket. Get yourself a Snuggy and you’ll stay cosy without sticking out like a sore thumb.

  9. They keep you active

    Ok, so we’re exaggerating – putting a hooded blanket on isn’t going to make you want to start running marathons. But it will make getting up and moving about far easier than if you’re wrapped in a blanket. Moving for just a couple of minutes every half hour has positive health benefits, so your heart will be thanking you.

  10. For summer evenings

    We’ve already mentioned hooded blankets being a fantastic way of keeping heating bills down over winter, but they can be enjoyed in every season. When you’re gathered around the BBQ or sitting outside on a summer evening, a hooded blanket can temper any slights chills (this is the UK after all!) and remove the need for a costly patio heater.

    Our Snuggy Lite is ideal for warmer weather, offering all of the comfort and durability of the traditional Snuggy but in a lighter, more breathable material.

how to choose a hooded blanket

Choosing a hooded blanket

Hooded blankets are popular enough that there’s plenty of choice of retailers to buy from. However, a lot of these retailers prioritise cost over quality.

That might not sound like a bad thing, but hooded blankets are worn often and washed often, so durability is key and quality a necessity. Spending a little bit more on a well-made item that lasts will save you money in the long run.

Look for a hooded blanket that’s been thoughtfully designed, with useful features like pockets and wide sleeves for ease of movement.

hoodie for dogs

If you want to get a matching set for all the family, retailers specialising in hooded blankets will have a much greater range of product sizes available (even including hooded blankets for dogs in some cases!). The same goes for the variety of patterns and colours on offer.

All of our Snuggy hooded blankets are cruelty-free, made with a flannel fleece exterior and luxurious sherpa fleece interior. Our motto is ‘kind to your skin, kind to your planet’, and we back this up with our commitment to using sustainable practices and packaging.

Shop our extensive collection of made-to-last hooded blankets now.

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