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9 Items to Elevate Your Camping Experience - Snuggy

9 Items to Elevate Your Camping Experience

Domestic camping holidays boomed during the pandemic, due mainly to international travel restrictions making it harder for families to holiday abroad.

But since life started to return to normal(ish), the popularity of camping hasn’t diminished. In fact, revenue within the sector continues to climb, proving that the great outdoors has taken hold of Great Britain.

It’s easy to see why – there’s nothing quite like pitching a tent and spending the night at one with nature. After a few hours, though, you might start to miss your creature comforts.

If you haven’t got the budget for glamping but you do want to feel a little more at home when you’re out in the wilderness, there are some simple tips and items that you can use to up your comfort game.

So, here are our top 9 items to elevate your camping experience.

Snuggy Hoodie Blanket
  1. Snuggy

No evening around the campfire would be complete without a hooded blanket to snuggle up into. As the sun sets and temperatures drop, the soft fabric forms a cocoon around your body, tapping heat inside and keeping you warm late into the night.

It can even protect you from light rainfall or, in the event of heavier showers, provide a soft interior to go under your raincoat.

Camping trips are a unique way for families to bond and with our hooded blankets for kids (as well as dogs and babies!), you can match with your loved ones, reflecting your connection.

Hoodie Blankets for Camping Trips
  1. Snuggy Lite

Camping trips more often than not mean unpredictable weather at best. But on the odd occasion that you’re treated to clear skies and bountiful sun, a traditional hooded blanket might be a bit too, well, hot.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be cosy, though. The Snuggy Lite is perfect for those warmer summer evenings, made from a single layer of teddy fleece and designed to be super breathable.

As with all of our Snuggys, the huge pocket on the front saves you from ducking in and out of your tent constantly. Just curl up into whatever position feels comfortable (it’s loose-fitting so you’re completely unrestricted) and you can stay by the campfire for hours.

  1. Sleep mask

When you’re sleeping in a tent, getting up in the night usually means torches on. If you’re a light sleeper, anyone else getting up unfortunately means that you’re probably going to wake up too.

Bringing a sleep mask with you is a simple but effective way of keeping any unwanted light from disturbing you. Not only does it protect you during the night, but it also prevents any early morning awakenings from sunlight streaming in.

Pair with earplugs to get a restful sleep that will leave you looking like you spent the night in a 5-star hotel, rather than a field!

  1. Hot water bottle

It can get nippy outdoors, even in summer. Layering on the blankets always helps but for an added touch of luxury, popping a hot water bottle into your sleeping bag before you go to bed with go a long way.

It’s much easier than setting up a portable heater – all you have to do is boil some water on the campfire. Empty your hot water bottle out the next morning, and it’ll be ready to go again that night.

Cosy Camping Blankets
  1. Fleece blanket

Fleece blankets are a cosy staple that can work wonders when it comes to elevating your camping experience.

They have multiple uses: aside from keeping you warm, you can lay one out to create a make-do carpet, place it under your sleeping bag for a softer mattress, or use it as a picnic blanket for daily excursions. You can even hang it inside your tent for a homelier feel!

They’re also incredibly convenient for packing – wrap your wine and beer bottles up in one to keep them from smashing into each other on the journey.

  1. Fairy lights

If there’s one thing that’ll turn your camping site into a glittering retreat, it’s fairy lights. Our Snuggy lights come in a range of shapes, so you can choose from snowflakes or stars, depending on the ambience you want to create.

They also have a handy USB-ended cable that you can plug into a portable battery pack, so there’s no need to worry about finding electricity in the middle of nowhere.

The soft glow that they emit isn’t strong enough to ruin any stargazing, and they’re one of the easiest ways to bring cosiness into your tent, completely transforming the space.

They’ll also save you from faffing about with torches or individual camping lights that can be hard to find in the dark. What’s not to love about a practical AND pretty solution?

  1. Weighted blanket

Plenty of people struggle to fall asleep in unusual environments. If that’s a problem you face, our weighted blanket could help you wind down and fall asleep, even when you’re in the middle of a field and there are strange noises all around.

Specifically designed to maintain a comfortable temperature and provide optimal airflow throughout the night, sleeping with a weighted blanket can help you to feel refreshed and ready for another day of adventure.

The gentle weights can reduce muscle tension – perfect if you’ve spent the day out hiking in the wilderness. Best of all, it doesn’t matter if you get it dirty. You can pop your blanket straight into the washing machine when you get home.

  1. Sleep mist

Turn your tent into a spa with this fragrant sleep mist. Scented with lavender, lemon and cloves, its soothing aroma will have your eyes feeling heavy in no time.

The natural plant ingredients are great for your skin and in keeping with the environmental theme. Plus, after a day in the fresh air, your sinuses will be clear and this little pick-me-up will smell better than ever.

Silk Pillowcase
  1. Silk pillowcase

There aren’t many things in life that feel more luxurious than a silk pillowcase. And they’re also ideal for a camping trip, taking up next to no room in your suitcase.

There are many practical benefits to using a silk pillowcase while camping, too. They’re hypoallergenic, so can offer some respite to hay fever sufferers and those with easily irritated skin.

Silk is also naturally non-absorbent, which means it won’t harbour bacteria and will resist sweat, oils and dirt – a winner when you’re stuck without showers.

Before you go…

Taking a camping trip is a great way to reconnect with nature, but it might also get you thinking about the current environmental problems that we all face. If that makes you feel a bit glum, then you’re certainly not alone.

The good news is that taking positive action, even in just a small way, is a step towards a better future. That’s why Snuggy is committed to using sustainable practices throughout our manufacturing processes.

When you buy from us, you get products that feel great but are also great for the planet. So whether you’re choosing an original Snuggy hooded blanket for a camping trip away, or a bed tent so that you can set up camp in your bedroom, rest assured that Mother Nature will be thanking you.

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