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Ultimate Movie Night Accessories - Snuggy

Ultimate Movie Night Accessories

Lights dimmed, popcorn at the ready, and excitement in the air—it can only be movie night! Whether you're a film buff or a casual viewer, there's no denying the magic that comes with settling down in front of the TV for a night at the movies in the comfort of your own home.

We’ve put together a list of the ultimate movie night accessories to help you take your at-home movie nights to new levels. From cosy blankets to atmospheric lighting, these accessories will make sure that every screening becomes an unforgettable event.

Hooded Blankets

Hooded blankets

While summer might be the season for blockbusters at the cinema, movie nights at home are arguably best experienced in the colder months. There’s nothing quite like getting warm cosy on the couch and settling down to watch your favourite film when the weather’s miserable outside.

Hooded blankets are the perfect accessory to make your movie nights even cosier. They’re warm, soft, and oversized for maximum comfort. And you can get one for all the family, with adult hooded blankets, children’s hooded blankets, and even hooded blankets for dogs available from Snuggy.

Popcorn Maker Movie Night

Popcorn maker

No movie night is complete without freshly popped popcorn, whether you prefer it salty or sweet. Rather than settling for pre-packaged popcorn, though, replicate the cinema experience with a popcorn maker.

These machines deliver delicious, fluffy popcorn at home in no time, for a fraction of the price you’d pay at your local theatre. Get some authentic popcorn buckets to serve it in, choose your favourite toppings, and enjoy the aroma and taste of perfectly popped kernels, making it feel like you’re at the cinema without ever leaving your home.

Lounge Sets

Lounge sets

Being able to wear whatever you want (without attracting weird stares!) is one of the biggest perks of an at-home movie night compared to going to the cinema. For a properly relaxing movie night, you need to be in the comfiest clothes. That makes a cosy lounge set or new pyjamas a must.

For adults, fleece joggers and hoodies are the perfect choice. They’re made of a soft and breathable material, come in a relaxed fit, and are available in a variety of colours, so you can match the vibes of your favourite film.

Slippers and Fluffy Socks

Slipper socks

A cosy outfit isn’t complete without some warm and comfortable footwear. That’s where slipper socks come in – keeping your feet nice and toasty without having to wear rigid slippers.

You can choose from a huge variety of Snuggy slipper socks, with 10 different colours available so everyone can get their own unique pair. Or get the full 10-colour pack so the entire family has a backup option they can rotate to for the next movie night.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights

Part of the reason that the cinema experience is so great is that the ambience in the theatre is perfectly tailored to the movie-watching experience. While you might not be able to make your room perfectly dark and install a 100ft cinema screen, you can create your own ambience at home with atmospheric lighting provided by fairy lights.

These delicate and enchanting fairy lights are available in a star or snowflake design. They instantly transform your movie night space into an enchanting and cosy setting. Whether draped along walls or hung from the ceiling, fairy lights add a touch of whimsy to your living room and make movie nights that little bit more special.

Scented candles

Watching movies is all about engaging your senses – it’s the dramatic sights and resounding audio that make films so compelling. But at home, you also have the option to involve a third sense, smell!

Pick up some scented candles and light them just before your movie starts. Your entertainment will be accompanied by your favourite soothing scent, and you’ll also benefit from the added atmosphere that candlelight gives off. Make sure to pick a candle that pairs thematically with your movie for added fun.

Hot water bottle

If you’re holding at-home family movie nights in the dead of winter, when it’s chilly outside, hot water bottles for all the family can be the perfect solution to stay nice and cosy. Especially if they’re fleece-lined, they provide a comforting warmth that’ll stick around for the entire movie run-time.

Snuggy hot water bottles also fit perfectly inside the front pocket pouch of our hooded blankets, meaning you can keep your hands free for a pillow to hide behind when the scary parts of the film come on.

Fleece Blankets

Fleece blankets

Finally, to complete your cosy home cinema set-up, you’ll need some fleece blankets. An extra layer of warming fleece will keep you comfortable throughout the night. But a blanket can also double up as a protective screen to hide behind if you’re watching a scary movie.

Choose between a lightweight Sherpa fleece blanket for warmth without the bulk or a therapeutic weighted blanket to soothe you while you watch.

Take your at-home movie nights to the next level

While nothing can replace the magic of the cinema, these accessories will make your at-home movie nights the next-best thing. Stock up on all of the cosy clothing, atmospheric lighting, and movie night accessories you want and queue up your own personal cinematic canon. Whether it’s Disney classics or cutting-edge horror, a movie night at home is better with Snuggy.

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