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How to enjoy the ultimate Summer cosy night in - Snuggy

How to enjoy the ultimate Summer cosy night in

When you’ve had a hard day at work or just feel like you need a bit of respite from life, nothing beats a quiet and cosy night in. But the traditional approach of crawling under a heavy duvet in front of the TV with a mug of hot chocolate isn’t exactly summer-appropriate.

When it’s too hot forfluffy socks and fleece pyjamas, you need to change up your plans for unwinding. We’re here to give you our complete guide to having a cosy night in during summer, so you’ll be able to reach max relaxation levels no matter what season it is!

Ideas for a cosy night in during summer

Don’t let the hot weather stop your plans for getting cosy. A night in under the covers is perfectly possible even when the days are at their longest and the sun’s cracking the flags. You just have to think outside of the box!

Stuck for inspiration? Try one of these ideas for a cosy night in when the weather’s hot:

Make a summer-ready blanket fort

When you think about a blanket fort, you probably imagine a snug evening during the colder months.

But who says blanket forts are only for winter? With just a few small adaptations, you can make a blanket fort that’s perfectly summer-appropriate.

First up, choose the right location for it. Near a window or patio door is ideal – strategically placed to benefit from whatever slight breeze there is outside.

Next, swap out heavy blankets for lighter alternatives. You don’t want to swelter in a 15 TOG fortress, so go for summer duvets or lightweight blankets instead.

You can also consider adding some ventilation, with an electronic fan set up to boost air circulation and avoid it getting too sweaty inside your summer fort. If it’s extra-hot, you can even place a bowl of ice water in front of the fan to act as your AC.

Summer Pyjama party

Have a late-night garden Pyjama party

If it’s too hot to be trapped inside, it’s a great opportunity to take your ‘cosy night in’ outside instead. Wait till the sun goes down and the temperature starts to drop off a little and head into your garden for a late-night relaxation session.

Use fleece blankets to line the floor, grab some pillows, and don your favourite breezy summertime pyjamas. The best part is, you can do whatever you’d usually do inside just as easily in the garden.

Take your books out, set up a laptop for a movie night, or enjoy some board games. You can even invite friends around to make it a social occasion. Although we won’t judge you if you want to keep it to yourself.

If you want to make your cosy night out even more special, set up some fairy lights in your garden to boost the ambience.

Swap your hot drinks for cool alternatives

A mug of your favourite hot drink, whether it’s tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, is a staple of the cosy night in. But when it’s too hot for a cuppa, you can easily switch out for a cooling alternative.

If you’re usually a tea drinker, the most natural substitute is also the most obvious choice – iced tea. You can make your own easily enough, or resort to a store-bought bottle. If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more fun, try a cooling boba tea!

For coffee, you can easily swap out a hot mug for a glass full of ice. An iced latte is a particularly good choice for keeping you cool. And if you’re a hot chocolate lover, you can switch to a cold chocolate milkshake.

Whatever you’re drinking, make sure to have a pitcher of ice on the side to make sure your drinks stay cool throughout your cosy night.

Get the right snacks ready

Finally, you need to think about what you’re going to eat. Traditional snacks for a cosy night in, like takeaway pizza and popcorn, aren’t quite as suitable in the height of summer. Instead, swap them out for some cooling alternatives.

For savoury snacks, you can never go wrong with cold sandwiches, crisps, and pasta salads. They’re all summer staples, perfect for keeping you full during your night in. If you want something a little more fancy, slice up some vegetables and serve them as crudité with a cold dip, like hummus.

To appease your sweet tooth, there are plenty of options. Ice cream is the obvious choice to keep you cool, but you can also opt for watermelon slices, a fruit salad, or a cold dessert like trifle.

Get everything you need for a cosy summer night in

Hopefully our ideas for a cosy summer night in have got your brain whirring. The final step to making your plans a reality is to grab some items that balance cosiness with coolness. These Snuggy products are all perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere even when the temperature’s at its hottest.

Snuggy Lite

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, a hooded blanket is always a good choice for a cosy and comfortable night in. But in summer, a regular hooded blanket can keep you a little too warm.

The Snuggy Lite range is designed specifically to give you a cooler alternative. They’re single-layered, super lightweight, and feature redesigned cuffs to promote breathability. That makes them perfect for recreating the cosy feeling of being all wrapped up in winter, without running the risk of overheating.


Cooling weighted blankets

Weighted blankets are an under-appreciated addition to a cosy night in. They’re designed to be ultra-comforting, weighing 5kg to provide light pressure on your body.

But the Snuggy range of weighted blankets is also geared for coolness, filled with silent micro glass sand beads that make up a highly-breathable filling allowing optimal airflow. And they’re big enough that you and your loved one can cuddle up beneath one and still stay cool.

Snuggy pod

If you prefer to keep your cosy nights in confined to your bed, for maximum comfort, a bed tent is the perfect alternative to creating a blanket fort in your living room.

The Snuggy Pod is a bed tent canopy that’s perfect for making your bed a cosier space for nights in. They come in three sizes, suitable for a single, double, or king-size bed. And, since they’re made of a breathable fabric and feature mesh windows for extra airflow, they’re ideal for summer too.

As an added benefit, fitting a Snuggy Pod on your bed will also protect it from direct sunlight, meaning it’ll be cooler when you’re ready for your night in.

Silk pillowcases

If you can never find the cool side of the pillow in summer, a silk pillowcase is the perfect antidote.

To complete your collection of items perfect for a cosy summer night in, choose a 100% pure Mulberry silk pillowcase from Snuggy. Not only do they help regulate your body temperature, they’re also hypoallergenic and non-irritating.

Bring on cosy summer nights in

Hopefully this guide has given you all the information and inspiration you need to plan the perfect cosy nights in for summer, so you can finally fully look forward to the hot months.

Remember, with the right ideas and the right summer-ready cosy items, it’s more than possible to reach max comfort levels no matter what the thermometer says!

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